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Metals Trading
Anagal Group Metals Trading arm specialises in trading various metals. We work with both industrial clients in need of raw materials and investors looking to diversify their portfolios. With a strong network of suppliers and customers worldwide, we ensure competitive prices, secure transactions, and timely delivery of metals. At Anagal Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction, making us a trusted partner for all metal trading needs.
different types of metals

As far as metals go, this is a really modern one. Aluminum was first made in 1825, and since then it’s been the foundation for some massive accomplishments.


Copper is another old-fashioned metal. Today you’ll see it often as an alloy (more on that later) or in a reasonably pure state.


Even though this is a super old-fashioned metal (especially common during the “iron age”) it still has a lot of modern uses.

Alloy Steel

Think of it as genetically modified steel. Alloyed steel is made by adding other elements in the mix. This changes the properties and essentially makes the metal customizable.

Stainless Steel

Technically this is a kind of alloy steel, but there are so many types in such massive quantities that it usually gets its own category. This is the steel that is specifically focused on corrosion resistance.


Brass is actually an alloy of copper and zinc. The resulting yellow metal is really useful for a number of reasons.


Zinc is a really common metal that’s used in coatings to protect other metals. For example, it’s common to see galvanized steel, which is basically just steel dipped in zinc. This will help to prevent rusting.


Our partners are a trusted industry leaders specializing in the trading of a wide range of metals. 

Epicentre Group Makine
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Epicentre Group Makine
With years of extensive experience and a global network, Epicentre Group offer comprehensive solutions for sourcing, trading, and distributing metals across industries.
Emus General Trading
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Emus General Trading
Emus General Trading expertise lies in dealing with a diverse range of metals, including but not limited to steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, zinc, and precious metals like gold and silver.
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Through strategic partnerships, market insights, and reliable logistical support, STK FZE ensure that their clients receive competitive prices, timely deliveries, and exceptional customer service.
Metcoal Resources
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Metcoal Resources
Main task of Metcoal Resources is a constant and in-time supplying of required raw materials to customers, as well as information providing that can make materials utilization more efficient.

Our vision is to forge long-lasting relationships with both suppliers and customers, creating a trusted network that enables us to source high-quality metals from around the world. By meticulously managing our inventory and leveraging our extensive market knowledge, we strive to provide our clients with consistent, reliable, and cost-effective metal trading solutions.


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