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Founded in 2017, Anagal Group is an audited customer-oriented multi-profile organisation. The Group operates a diversified business, focusing on high-growth markets and it sees technology as a key competitive advantage. Corporate responsibility is inherent to its business model, promoting inclusiveness and supporting research and culture. Anagal Group operates with the utmost integrity, long-term vision and best practices. Being a global trading group with a diversified business providing consulting and marketing services in more than 7 countries to customers, to trading equipment, to trading agricultural products with partners across the world.

Our team is the cornerstone of our transformation, helping Anagal to offer the best customer experience, anywhere in the world, for whatever product/service they require. We employ the best people in their respective lines of business, to ensure that we continue to provide tailored and effective services, together with competitively priced products, to our clients



Anagal Group FZE

Headquarters: Office 1606-10, Binary Tower by Omniyat, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

FZE Office: Business Center, Al Shmookh Building,
Umm Al Quwain, U.A.E. P.O. BOX 7073


Switch board: +44 20 4577 15 81


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